Devin Roché

JavaScript Graphs

Similar to currying, graphs were one of those things I wanted to know, but never took the time to learn. Well until now of course!

A graph is a non-linear data structure. Graphs have nodes and edges. Nodes are the values while the edges connect the values to each other. I like to think of this a social network. Think of the graph as facebook, the nodes are people, and the edges are connections. You are a node and will be connected with your friends, who are also nodes. Everyone has a connection with their friends. Almost like one big giant spider web

There are a few different kinds


LET ME SEE DA CODE For those who just want to see the code, here it is!

class Node {
        this.value = value;
        this.edges = []

class UndirectedGraph {
        this.vertices = {}
            return this.vertices[value] = new Node(value)
    addEdge(from, to, weight){
        if(this.vertices[from] && this.vertices[to]){
            this.vertices[from].edges.push({node: to, weight: weight})
            this.vertices[to].edges.push({node: from, weight: weight})

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