Devin Roché

Job Reflection

Company name has been removed and referred to as Company A


I spent the Summers in 2017 & 2018 working as an intern at Company A. They are an automotive software-based company, but while I was there I was working on the Data & Analytics team so my work was all internal. In 2017 I worked on an employee search system, which allows employees to find others who have experience with certain tech and ask for help/etc. In 2018 my main project was rebuilding the team’s KPI tracking system which was built in Angular and building it using React.

The Good

There are a lot of great people that work at Company A and I was fortunate enough to meet a lot of them. The internship program is very good, the recruiter does a good job organizing intern events to make sure that interns are enjoying there time at the company. Since my team was internal only, we were able to make a lot of decisions ourselves on what we wanted our product to look like and how we wanted it to function. We had quite a bit of freedom in this sense.

The Bad

Most of the jobs at Company A are being moved to India. This means we were working with people 12-13 hours ahead of us. While this would normally not be an issue, our managers wouldn’t let us move on without their approval on things, so we would be blocked for days at a time. I eventually decided it was easier to ask for forgiveness than it was to ask for permission, so I did what I wanted without waiting on them. Nobody cared either! I think they were just afraid to make decisions.

Another issue was the lack of organization within the company. We were told to use internal libraries, but there was little to no documentation on them and nobody to contact for help. We eventually turned to public libraries to get our stuff done. I don’t think our work will be used. We had to pass everything off to the team in India, who are against transitioning to React, so my work was most likely for nothing (besides my learning).

The Ugly

Company A was going through a reorg while we were working there. This is understandable, but we were on the DnA team, so we had access to data that shows it was more than a reorg and most likely a mass layoff of 20-25% of the company. They were having the layoff employees while we were there as well, which made killed all morale throughout the company. Most full-time employees stopped showing up because it was so sad within the company. We were required to show up, so the office would be 40% empty with interns looking around clueless as their mentors were fired. It became a real grind to even show up to work for all interns.

It felt like when hiring interns they were just trying to reach a number. There would be interns who seemed very well prepared then there would be interns who wouldn’t contribute to the project at all.

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