Devin Roché

Hi! I'm a recent CS grad from Gonzaga University. I currently live and work in San Francisco at a startup called Passfolio. I'm into tech, cryptos, gaming, doodles, stocks, and startups!

room service chat room

February 05, 2019

Building an awesome chat room using room service Today we are going to see how to build a chat room application ( demo here ) using room service , a new project that helps us enable real-time collaboration very easily. What we use Next.js…

Typescript Tuples

January 29, 2019

The Problem Imagine you have some code like the following, Where a 0 is a boolean value and a 1 is a ref to some input. Now how do you type this if we only want to return a ref? First Try So while this would work it wouldn’t result in…

How to setup babel to compile ES6 code into ES5

December 05, 2018

I’m constantly having to look up how to setup babel to convert es6 to es5 so I figured I would write a post to help myself and possibly others! Project Setup Ok so let’s create a project directory and initialize our package.json Now let’s…

Somewhat good Node APIs

October 16, 2018

It’s easy to make a node API, it’s less easy to make a good API. Intro When making an API its important to focus on scalability. Sure your API might work well when you and your two friends are playing with it, but can it hold 1000 users…

Contract Project Reflection

September 24, 2018

Posts where I reflect on experience working on contract/industry project will have company and person names removed. Introduction I was brought on to be a freelance developer to work on the CP1. I was the only developer on the project, so I…

Job Reflection

September 24, 2018

Company name has been removed and referred to as Company A Introduction I spent the Summers in 2017 & 2018 working as an intern at Company A. They are an automotive software-based company, but while I was there I was working on the Data…

JavaScript Graphs

August 02, 2018

A graph is a non-linear data structure. Graphs have nodes and edges. Nodes are the values while the edges connect the values. I like to think of this as a social network. Think of the graph as Facebook, the nodes are people, and the edges…

JavaScript & Currying

March 18, 2018

Currying was something that went over my head, but I wish I knew. It wasn’t until I was approached with a problem. THE PROBLEM: Write a function the can perform the following, add3(1)(2)(3). What is currying? Currying is when we take…

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